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Get the most out of your $ with Radio Chicago marketing

Radio Chicago WPNA 1490, which began its program in 1991, is currently the most popular polish language "Morning Drive" radio news talk-show in Chicago. The “Morning Drive” occurs from 7-9AM Monday through Friday, and it is the time when most Polish listeners tune into Polish radio. Because of this time of broadcast, our track-record, popularity and following, Radio Chicago has the greatest number of Polish listeners every morning. We guarantee access and exposure to over one million Polish-Americans living in Chicago, both in the city and in the surrounding areas.

Radio Chicago attracts thousands of Polishspeaking listeners each day both on air, through our broadcasts on 1490AM, and online through our web page. Our broadcasts are accessible to everyone; listeners can livestream the program through our website or download our mobile application and listen live from any smartphone.

Our programs cover a diverse range of topics-- from politics and economics, to culture, business and immigration - making sure that every listener has a reason to tune in to 1490AM every day.

● Famous hosts, correspondents and guests

● Many of the best experts, including scientists, politicians, businessmen and commentators, who are involved in the implementation of each daily program

● 100% live talk-show broadcasting during the best time for marketing and advertising: "Morning Drive"

● High visibility within the Polish community through Radio Chicago's sponsorship of many events, music productions, film  screenings and festivals

● Years of marketing and advertising expertise, great knowledge and understanding of Polish market needs and mentality

Advertising in Radio Chicago WPNA 1490 AM

Designing and producing custom, professional, inventive and effective radio campaigns

● Creating high quality radio commercials

● Identifying specific marketing opportunities to boost success

● In house production studio - preparation of commercial, recording and mastering all done
within the studio

● Over 60 professional radio voices (women, men, children) to add character to commercials

● Sponsorship of major galas and events organized and/or promoted by Radio Chicago

● Online advertising and traffic redirection to your website via

● Unconventional and creative approaches (e.g. live broadcast from your place of business)

● Guaranteeing the best possible and reliable price!

Let your business grow with us!!

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